Hi. I’m Brian. I’ve been a musician and collector of cool things like vintage instruments for over forty years. Born in the 1960s, I love the Beatles, Star Trek, Batman, James Bond, television shows, cartoons, toys, vintage guitars, musical gear and electronics, super heroes and… all other 20th century pop culture and kitschy stuff. I started playing in clubs at age 16 and went on to have a career that morphed into teaching, arts administration, conducting, composing, and recording.

My whole family is comprised of artists. My wife is a vocal coach to Broadway kids, pop stars, and folks who just love to sing. My son has a music business degree and works in Nashville as a craft cocktail mixologist at a trendy speakeasy. My daughter had a career as classical ballerina but is now in med school studying speech/language pathology. They all share my love of cool, old, interesting treasures.

From the start, I got a big kick out of stumbling across amazing instruments and collectibles at old music stores, flea markets, antique stores, pawn shops, thrift stores, and estate sales. Some of these things I have kept for decades. Some I appreciated for a while and then they moved on to others to enjoy. Then the internet came along and I was swept up in 1997 with others in the first wave of people to discover eBay, the ultimate garage sale.

The common thread is that all of the treasures I find are items that I think are super cool and do buy myself. Some I keep but most I pass on. So… I find it so you can buy it.